Corporate Values
New way of purchasing that we are providing in cooperation with the Brazilian government.
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The Company constitutes an open and multiply interactive social system, with shared competences and leaderships, formed by people with capacity to work together and to solve problems as a team, using self-organized endemic processes.
Proadec Brasil Ltda. stands for the following core values:
Service – Constant engagement in offering an integrated service, anticipating and exceeding the expectations and needs of its customers.
Innovation – Investing on new products, new technologies and new processes, answering to market needs and creating comparative advantages.
Quality – Constant search for quality, creation of value, service, processes, products and prices, and ethical positioning.
People – Recruiting, training, evaluate and motivating all our employees – the men and women who, each day opt to make part of this "club” – involving them on the determination of its future and of the future of the Company. 
Environment – All our products are produced with production processes in total respect with the environment, human health and the community.


PROADEC Brasil, Ltda.
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