The biggest edging stock range in Brazil, in a variety of thicknesses, widths and finishes.

Edging materials
Edgings: protective, functional and decorative 

The use of furniture made for the home, the office and other spaces from melamine and postforming boards has become very popular. Although the functionality and beauty of these boards, its edges is generally exposed, leaving the substrate at sight. 
In order to cover these areas and in search of more aesthetic products, the edgings have been developed. Edgebands are one of the most important accessories for the furniture industry, not only because the upholstery decorative finish, but also from the technical features, as edgebands protect boards from the impacts and the humidity. The market offers different types from edgings, classified according to their material and the function for what they have been designed. Nowadays, the most relevant are the thermoplastic PVC and ABS edgings.

Proadec thermoplastic PVC and ABS edgebands have major advantages compared to traditional melamine (resin impregnated paper which gives rigidity to the surface) or natural wood. Plus to the ability to reproduce any color or texture that we can possible imagine, in terms of edging processing and life cicle there is no comparison since the edgebands have a superior resistance to UV light, to abrasion, to the impact, to chemical agents, temperature and moisture. The life cicle of edgebands is much longer than the melamine or wood veneer edging, and are commercially more competitive.

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